"We Work for Your Success"


Are documents submitted electronically secure?  Yes, we utilize SmartVault which is a secured client portal.

How to Submit Your Documents?

We have a secure client portal for you to submit and receive your documents with confidence. SmartVault encrypts the documents to protect your personal and sensitive information.  Your representative will provide more details when discussing your needs and the expected turnaround time.

When can I expect work completion?  It depends on service requested.  Your representative will give you an estimated time of completion after reviewing the work order.  Service requested after 1:00pm CST is considered as being received the next business day.  Typically most services are completed within 3-5 business days, but time frame actually depends on work order.

Can I get service faster?  Yes.  There is an additional fee for expedited services which range from $75 and up, depending on service requested.