Here at Financial Solutions Plus (FSP), we strive to be the solution to your financial service needs.  Your business is our priority!   Seeking to leverage our expertise with your specific business needs, our team is here to help you.

Your time is very valuable and we realize it!  These days people work long hours and it’s just not enough hours in a day.  For this reason, we offer a variety of financial services to help ease the load.  Our virtual services are conveniently offered online.  For your safety, FSP has the ability to receive and deliver your tax return documents electronically in a secure portal.  We offer several financial services such as tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, credit restoration, credit building, business consultation and business formation.  Typically we are able to meet your priority service requests, at an additional charge.  

The stress of trying to balance work, business, and life is sometimes too much to handle.  Don’t bear the burden!  Let us help, while you take care of other important matters.  Contact us today!